Tangible, Epidermis, Abibliophobia

Tangible comes from the Latin 'tangere' which means "to touch". I don't believe it unless I can touch it. I need tangible proof.

A man surprised you and showed his epidermis but you didn't scream. Why didn't you? Because... he only showed you... his... skin.

What does a New Word A Day cure? Abibliophobia- the fear of running out of reading material... or should it be Tweetiophobia?

The word ALONE comes from two words... "ALL" and "ONE". ALL there is... is ONE. How come it's not ALTWO but rather... a couple.

Daisy comes from the words 'day' and 'eye' because the petals of a daisy closes at night and opens during the day.  daisy = dayseye

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