Bumbershoot, "Put the money in the kitty", Impavid

We all used our bumbershoot. When you take it out... the bigger the better. It gets used a lot on a rainy day. What is it? ~ answer below...

"Put the money in the kitty" has nothing to do with a cat. A kit is old dutch for 'bag' as in... toolkit, medical kit, etc. Meow.

impavid - to be fearless - Memory trick: "I'm Avid". The impavid cat sniffed at the cucumber and gave a dismissive yawn. A bumbershoot is an unbrella.

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  1. Ha! My dad used to save for something he wanted by putting the money in the kitty. :-) I forgot about that saying. My mom always carries at least 2 bumbershoots, she hates to get wet.

    Impavid is a new one to me. Thanks for sharing that.

    Steve O