Boring; trite; bland;

Using a common and dull saying.

Boring- something that is not new and exciting. The banal play made us yawn. This tweet may be banal... but I like it!


Your dog is destressed about the blanket you bought him. It has cats and pigeons on it. He stares at it. Why don't you take it? answer below...

You play chess and make a blunderbuss. "You made a mistake! You are distracted" I say. How do I know what distracted you? answer below...


Your insult is banal because I heard it before.

His sign had a banal message. It was very boring.Ban - al

Ban (Reminds) Ban

Al (Reminds) All

Ban all boring stories.



Destressed means to attach an importance to something. The dog thought the blanket was special.
The blunderbuss is an old gun. You were distracted because you were making a gun... while playing chess.


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