To hide something with something hard to see or understand.

Butterflies obfuscate my view of  the tree.  They are everywhere and cover it completely.

a. [L. obfuscatus, p. p. of obfuscare to darken; ob (see Ob-) + fuscare, fuscatum, to darken, from fuscus dark.] Obfuscated; darkened; obscured. [Obs.] [Written also offuscate.] Sir. T. Elyot.

Ob•fus´cate , v. t. [imp. & p. p. Obfuscated p. pr. & vb. n. Obfuscating.] To darken; to obscure; to becloud; hence, to confuse; to bewilder. “His head, like a smokejack, the funnel unswept, and the ideas whirling round and round about in it, all obfuscated and darkened over with fuliginous matter.” Sterne. “Clouds of passion which might obfuscate the intellects of meaner females.” Sir. W. Scott.

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