Is it time for a salutary drink?


Wholesome; healthful; promoting health
My use:
Eating fruits and vegetables are salutary for your health.  They give you energy.

Literary use:
By Virginia Woolf
Thought and theory must precede all salutary action; yet action is nobler in itself than either thought or theory.

Memory trick:
Salut . ary
Salut (reminds of) = Salute ( a cheer )
ary (sounds like) = airy – air ( good for health )
Salute . airy

Listen: Salutary


Pronounced: <new-ga-tor-re>
Means:  Insignificant. Ineffectual. Trifling.
My use:  I think that pennies are nugatory. You cannot buy any thing for a penny. 
Listen: Nugatory

Pronounced: <be-a-tif-ick>
Means:  Showing great joy.  Blissful appearance.
My use:  You look beatific today. You must have scored well on your test! 
Listen: Beatific

Pronounced:  <press-edge>
Means:  A feeling about something that will happen. Intuition.
My use: I have a presage that this will be a good meeting.  We always good meetings on Friday.
Listen: Presage 

Pronounced: <mune-nif-it-sents>
Means:  Very generous. To give a lot.

My use::  Your munificence impresses me. You spent a lot of money on us.
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